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Compatibility problems on Oculus software Notebook equipped with 2 GPU Ryzen Radeon & Nvidia RTX

Level 2

There's a problem on the main Oculus Quest 2 software. When a notebook is equipped with AMD Ryzen low level graphics GPU such as Radeon inside the main processor, and a secondary GPU like an Nvidia RTX, the system recognize only the first GPU and say that using original Oculus Link cable the bandwith are ok, but not the minimum spec for VR use. I've force all the .exe into Oculus software and in the Win 10 OS to use only the accelleration of the Nvidia GPU. Also forced to use the Oculus client only with Nvidia GPU into the Nvidia 3d Panel. Nothing it doesn't work also with a RTX3080. I need that the Oculus devoloper solve this problem, it cannot make the access to Oculus software by notebook. Also using Remote Virtual Desktop, is possible to use Steam VR wireless but not the main Oculus Software. The cable cost 100€, is a big problem 😔 having a cable and a performance GPU wich cannot be useful. Is possible to develop a new software the solve the compatibility with this hardware configuration ?  Tank you.