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Does my warranty cover this?

Level 2
So, I bought my Rift S last year, and recently the left thumbstick has been going backward for no reason, I have tried looking online for help but I couldn't find anything. Does my warranty cover this? Even if I don't do anything for a second, it will go backward, and no recently, my Left touch controller has been 6-10 feet underground, even though it is in my hand(This may be temporary, but I wanted to include it just in case it matters). It sucks that if I am player RecRoom or VRchat I will unexpectedly move backward. If you can, help me understand what to do to fix it, or tell me if my warranty covers this. Additional info: I look at my controller and it doesn't do it physically, I am positive that it is either the software in the Left Controller, or it is the headset receiving information wrong. 

this is the developer section. this is for game developers. you might want to set your
forum setting to community like in my screen shot and ask there, however i think you should use this link
to get help with your oculus hardware etc.
please allow 3 to 5 days for a reply.