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IARC and Privacy Policy

Level 2

What exactly do I do for these? I'm trying to get into the VR Development scene but I'm having a bit of trouble.



It says I need a IARC email, do I need to create one or do I need to get someone elses?\


Privacy Policy:

Do I need to create a website for it or not?


Level 13

basically its for rating games, just give them your storefront email and open up a dialogue to them.


you need to have developer website to be recognized.


Hello, we are also stuck on this. When you say "store front" email, do you use the email you used as a developer at Oculus? Also who do I contact at IARC? Do you have an email or a form? Is it the email that starts with info? I don't understand why the Oculus dashboard does not include this system. We have looked for hours and cannot find it. Thanks a lot for you help.

Level 6

I've done this several times. It only takes a few minutes:

  • Put in whatever email you want IARC to contact you at.
  • Click the drop down next to "Add Certificate"
  • Select "Request New"
  • Fill out the forms on the IARC site

Thanks! It seems to work at first but getting this error, We tried 5 times and still get this. Any suggestions on how to fix it? 


An Error Occurred! Message GraphQL server responded with error 1675030: Error performing query. Error Code 1675030 Trace ID Gnn66SoKaw4


Thank You!




Level 6

That is a server side error, so maybe the server was overloaded. I just tried it on a test app and completed ok.

Mahalo Nui! I tried again and it popped the same error....but I clicked Save and it appears to have accepted it! So it's submitted now, pending review. Do you know how long the review process typically lasts? Thanks for your responses here, it's been really helpful! ALOHA!

Level 6

Glad to hear that worked! Mark my initial post as the solution if you have a chance.


App review times are longer than one would hope for right now. I'd expect a 2 or 3 weeks at the minimum.