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Is there a way to automate leaderboard creation?

Level 3

My game has 16 levels and 4 difficulty levels. I want a leaderboard for each combination, so 64 in total. First, I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of leaderboards I can have. Second, Is there an API I can use to save myself all that clicking?


Level 2

I've not seen a specific limit to the number of leaderboards you can have. I have tested our application with 100; and I've noticed Beat Saber has almost 300. So you should be good with 64. Albeit a pain to configure by hand..

The closest you may get is the server 2 server API. This is typically used for continued leaderboard automation. For example, deleting or creating leadboards at specific times. Or checking entries for potentially illegitimate scores.


This will of course require a backend service to be running somewhere (Google Cloud or Google Firebase Functions for example). Some knowledge of sys ops / javascript would be needed to confgiure to your needs.