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ODH 2.7 - Oculus Developer Hub won't start and stays block on a blank screen.

Level 4

Hello everyone,

The new version of oculus developer hub regularly runs into blank screen at start.
It is impossible to open it even after cleaning the task manager with most tasks (killing all adb instances, OVR plugins, running consoles etc.). Sometimes (but not always) restarting windows helps it to run.
I'm using a lot of dev tools with a fully updated win11 pc. Oculus desktop is running with v43, Unity 2021.2.14f1 and Rider... I use the link as Airlink and it's disconnected when I try to use ODH.

Reverting to ODH 2.6.1 fully fixed my issue. I no longer get blocked at start.

Any ideas on how I can provide you with more information ? Any logged data ? 


Level 4

A bit a trouble with transforming my meta account... Anyway here is an update :

- ODH is now working (it was possibly working all along) but it is very long to start ! I counted twice and I got 2 min and 14 seconds the first time and 2 min 18 seconds

So the title should be "ODH is very slow to start".

It's still an issue, any ideas on how to fix ?

Level 4

The problem is not fixed with ODH 2.7.1

Any follow up on this ?