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Oculus GO = keep it functional

Level 3

  I understand the money maker is the Quest lineup.  I don't expect all kinds of future development for the Oculus GO, but at the least you guys should keep it operational for those who have purchased it.   The Oculus Go still has a place in the market.  It is the lightest and most comfortable headset that is actually perfect for media consumption.  I often times rather watch movies in my bed on the GO than any of the other headsets.    Being that the Oculus go is so good for multimedia content it was very disappointing to see that it no longer supports bigscreens VR.. That is the perfect APP for the GO. I bought a bunch of GO's for family and friends so that we could use bigscreens together.    You should be giving the minimum updates to keep the GO operational for all those who have purchased it.  That would be the right thing to do for customers.