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Quest App Lab - Hand tracking also requires Touch?

Level 2

I'm hoping to clarify something vague in the documentation for Quest app specs going to App Lab.


Can anyone confirm if it's possible to publish an app to App Lab that only uses hand tracking? Elixir on the Oculus Store, for example, does not seem to recognise controllers at all and won't even launch if using Touch controllers.

'VRC.Quest.Input.7' states that switching between inputs is required only if an app claims to support hands and controllers; however the app submission Specs page states that any app that support hand tracking must also support Oculus Touch. So is it now a blanket requirement to support both if you want to use hands?


Level 3

Bump. I have the same question. I cannot find a Quest VRC that requires touch controller support.

I opened a support ticket and they confirmed that if you want to upload a hand tracking build it also has to support controllers.