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Release Channel removal, what happens user side?

Level 2


I would like to know the user side consequences of removing a user from a release channel (pre-production release). Will the app be deleted from device automatically? Will the build stay on the user's device until they wish to delete? 
The reason is that I would like to change users from one release channel to another, but would like the in game data to persist.

If there is any documentation regarding this, that I have overlooked, please send it my way!



Level 5

There's not much documentation on what removing a user from a release channel actually does, but according to this link:

"Removing a user from the channel disables their access to the build."

This suggests that the app actually gets deinstalled, but I can't be sure.


However, I have successfully used the option to add a user to multiple release channel. Maybe that's an option in your case too. Don't remove them from the original release channel, just add them to the new one. When the user gets added to a release channel that has a build with a higher version number that is the build that will be installed on his device.


This approach doesn't delete the game data. (Assuming you're using something like Unity's Application.persistentDatapath to store that data.)

Level 5

I just checked with a test user what happens when I remove that test user from all release channels it was previously added to:

- It hides the app, so from a users perspective it's not in your app library anymore.

- It doesn't automatically delete the app from the device. So after readding that user to a release channel he gets access to that app version and game data stored in the appropriate directory is still available.


This doesn't change the fact that its undocumented behaviour, so I wouldn't rely on it. It could change at any time and I could have missed something (e.g. I didn't test what happens after restarts.)


I think the approach of just adding a user to multiple release channels is the way to go.

Level 2

This was really helpful. My experience was that my personal build did not become hidden, after over 24 hours of not being in a release channel. But other users' who were removed had the app hidden on Quest, but game files were still present in the file system. Good tip with adding user to multiple channels. 👍

What would happen if a user would switch subscriptions from RC to BETA?

I'm having issues getting an updated BETA build, even though the version number is higher. (I'm only subbed to BETA now).


I also noticed that even though I'm not subbed to RC, I still get a notice to update, I can't wrap my head around this mess.

Level 5

I'm not sure I can help you with that specific issue.


The names of the different release channels have no special meaning, afaik.

So if someone switches from RC to BETA while BETA has a build with a higher release number, getting a notice to update (what you described in your 2nd sentence) would be the expected outcome, no? What happens if you agree to the update? Which build version do you get updated to?