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Verify account won't accept phone number, can't reach oculus developer support

Level 2

I created a developer account today, and it's asking me to verify with credit card or mobile number.  When I click Add next to mobile number, I'm brought to facebook, where it says I already have a verified mobile number.  There's no Continue or Accept button.  When I log out and log in to facebook and oculus developer again, I get the same verify message.  


I tried support today, who spent nearly 10 minutes looking into it before suggesting I contact developer support.  When I click the Contact Us button on the developer support page, I get a pop-up that says "Please Create a Developer Organization".  When I click that, I'm brought to the same "Verify Your Oculus Developer Account" page.  Honestly I'm surprised it allowed me into the forums, I'm sure when I click post I'll be brought back to the "Verify Your Oculus Developer Account" page again.


Level 2

Ok I got this fixed, apparently I had to enable SMS on facebook for it to work

How exactly do you go about doing that?