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Switching from sole proprietorship to LLC

I decided to form an LLC before releasing my game. Under financial information in the Org Manager the fields to enter this information are locked. How do I go about updating my organization to be an LLC? (or do I have to form a new one).

User can't apply new user reveiw

Some of our customers have told us that they either cannot submit an app review after multiple tries (see picture) or that they have added a review but it does not appear (we also cannot see any on the developer board). We also found out that some of...

ChrisEL by Level 3
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Issues with store pricing and marketing attribution.

Hi, we requested our game be free for users until the end of September when we launched a big update for Color Connect on the 21st September. This appears to have worked for the majority, however we have been contacted separately on numerous occasion...

kp89 by Level 2
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App Submission stuck/lost?

I am working on my first Unity Oculus App. I have submitted multiple builds and it keeps getting rejected with reason "The FPS is below 60". I went through all of the settings and optimized the app and when I test it, it stays at 70-72 FPS the entire...

developer mode

I am trying to turn on developer mode in the oculus app. When I try to switch it to developer mode it just tried to take me creating/register website. I already created an organization and signed in. I even follow this link and signed in again that w...

API for the main dashboard

Sorry if this is not the right area to post this.Is there an API for the developer dashboard? I want to be able to add users to the developer portal and add them to apps automatically when I am onboarding them. Thanks!

Data Checkup Stuck in Review

Hi there, I'm trying to integrate the new Meta Avatar system for my game. However my procedure of data check is taking forever for me. Has anyone ran into similar situations? Or if anyone at Meta saw this, can you please help/advise? Thanks!


Cannot create a PWA application

Hello, I want to publish a PWA application.I want to follow this documentation : But i don't have the checkbox "This is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) 樂 When i try to upload my APK> ...

image.png image.png
arnolem by Level 3
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Can I change a DLC price after publishing?

I'm working on a game with DLC. I'm trying to find out how much flexibility there is in setting prices and sales on the DLC.1.After publishing a game with DLC am I free to change the price of the DLC? If so can I do this through the dashboard or do I...

Yorick by Level 2
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Phone verification

Hi, I want to verify my account to become a dev so I can sideload my Oculus quest 2, but when I go to dashboard.oculus/verify/ I only have to option to put in my credit card while the page says that it should be possible to activate my account with a...

Xclf by Level 3
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Where/How do I publish a demo of my app

Hello there. so i have got a story driven game in the works for Oculus quest platform. I am planning to put up a free demo so that people can try it out. Now the demo wont be a beta, but just the first few levels of the game. I would like to release ...

When does Oculus payout?

Hello, I recently have been working on adding In-App-Purchases into my game, and I've earned a pretty nice amount of money off of this that I was hoping to use to pay my team with. I recently got a monthly statement, the amount looked just about righ...

cloud backup

Hello, I would like to know if I enable cloud backup service for my application, whether the user can use the application normally during the automatic backup of the application. Or does the app force close until the backup is complete?

Virtual Reality Check (TEST BLOCKER) - FAILED

Can someone advise how to overcome this unusual review response from our app? Our app is designed to control a line of educational robot products. The robots have a camera and servos, arms, legs, etc. The Oculus app allows the user to view what the r...


Can't get sell stats in applab

Hello. I recently have published app in applab. At first day or two I was able to see selling statistics. But now I can't.It says that I must have more than 100 copies sold.But for me it's important. Not everyone can get 100+ sells at start. But it's...

Submit Data Use Checkup Request Error

I keep getting the same message because of an unresolved problem for over a month.One week left. Your application, My App Name, on Oculus Rift will lose access to Oculus platform features in 7 days if action is not taken. Losing access to platform fe...

sonakis by Level 2
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