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App Lap submission problem

Hey,I have submitted my Quest app to App Lab at least 1.5 month ago, and it is still under the 'review' status.Is there anybody in same situation? How long I have to wait...?

arworks by Level 2
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Do I need to re-submit to upload a video?

Hi allProbably a stupid question, but I was hoping I could just add a video of my game, hit save, and the page would be updated, but it seems not to be the case.My game is already published on AppLab, with screenshots (ofc), but I never got round to ...

using SDK without product

Hi I created a project, using the hand models that OCULUS have provided here. I do not have enough budget for the devices for now but when I reach that budget I will change the project to a VR Oculus game. Is there any problem about the license agree...

liramii by Level 2
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Several of us with support beams...

I'm sure it's tricky creating a negative space but myself and several friends have huge wide open basements but have support beams. Any attempt to draw around them fills the void in. Need just a 2 ft circle to avoid punching solid steel...again.

Higher version when submitting an APK

I am trying to submit a higher version of my app but I get the following error:"The current highest version code of this app is 11000, but an APK with version code 11201 has been submitted. (..) Rebuild your APK with a version code 11001 or higher an...


I'm the owner of a real estate agency

I'm the owner of a real estate agency. The company is not big at 15 people. There is one task-maintaining the customer base, who passed, who passes and what, up to what date, how much, contacts of all contractors, contacts of officials, and so on. Fo...

Not working Axis1D after update

Good day for you, if it's a good day at all:(I'm a developer, programming in Unity3D 2019.3.8f1 and use Oculus Rift S and appropriate software from Oculus. Some days back, when I receive another UNNECESSARY AUTOMATIC update (which I can't OFF) of Sof...

uchteh by Level 2
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Revert build index

Hi, Let's say we have build number 5 on release channel BETA. I then make changes and upload build number 6. We then realize the changes are unwanted, why can't revert the current build used on BETA to a previous version. I can't even re-upload an ol...

Payment information

When submitting an app to the app lab, do I need to enter payment information, bank information, etc. even if I do not plan to charge?

Store upload - "Platform abandonnned"

Hello, I'm trying to upload an apk to the store for the Quest but I'm always getting a message "Platform abandoned" (translated from French) :I tried to modify the manifest to get around that but no change in the signature seems to do the trick... Al...


Resolved! ECS Hybrid Renderer on Quest 2

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully rendered an entity on quest 2 with hybrid renderer 2 and if so how? Currently everything works in the editor but unfortunately my entities will not render on my quest. Any ideas ?

Resolved! Quest2 stuck on v23

I am trying to get my Quest2 to update to anything other then v23 - even trying to force it sideloading doesn't seem to work. I have factory reset, tried a number of things - turned on automatic update turned off automatic updates.I think it is prett...

Oculus App Lab

Hi, Our app was approved on App Lab and is now live, but we only want to release it on 5/5/21 - does anyone know how I can pause it until then? Can't seem to find any controls for that on the dashboard. Thank you.

W666 by Level 2
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Sharing draft content on Oculus Media Studio

Hi - I am studying for a PhD and have a question....I've created a draft VR file in Quill and have uploaded it onto my Oculus Media Studio to view in draft format. I don't wish to publish it. I would like to share the VR draft with my supervisors, so...