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ODH - Production Channel for AppLab not available

Hi folks, I just noticed that I now need to use the developer hub to push new builds. When I opened it I also noticed that I have no Production Channel available. Only the Alpha, Beta and RC channels are available.Does anyone know why this is the cas...

how to enable ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION on my app

Hi, I have an app that connects to a BLE Speed Sensor, but in order to do so I need to have "android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" enabled. In my previous build I had it declared in my AndroidManifest.xml and was able to publish it without trouble...

No reply...

We submitted description of Ellie's Travel Diary for review. However, we didn't have feedback. If there is problem, Please tell us. We will try to fix it. Why oculus support system is unavailable? I cannot send message though official route. Support ...

Resolved! Unsupported Image Dimensions

I am having issue uploading images to the Oculus App Lab App Submission > Assets section. I have consistently got an error that says “Unsupported Image Dimensions” while the dimensions/resolution have been verified multiple times.

App Lap submission problem

Hey,I have submitted my Quest app to App Lab at least 1.5 month ago, and it is still under the 'review' status.Is there anybody in same situation? How long I have to wait...?

arworks by Level 2
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RECALL: Unable to order

I am unable to order the recall item for my Oculus 2 headset because when I am logged into my "account devices" it does not have the section under my device information where it should say, Request silicone cover." I have searched all over and cannot...

Promotions Tab is Empty!

Hello fellow devs,Hope that this is an ongoing issue, but from 2021 although am checking almost daily i haven't seen any promotion to get approved for rift sales.Is this an issue that others are facing or is it just me?Thank you

GRADGR by Level 4
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Resolved! How to upload AppLab

I regist app in Oculus Developer.I can access my game to the app lab, but others will say Not Found when they access this address. Do you need any additional settings?

Loading Personalized Avatars script error

I am following the documentation of the Avatar Developer Guide at Under loading personalized avatar, we are supposed to save a script call 'filename.cs'.however the script text ga...

New games that should be added to Oculus

I think a game similar to ‘Temple Run’ should be added to the oculus platforms, in my opinion it would be a popular, nostalgic experience for players of my generation especially. To duck and dodge obstacles while forcibly being moved forward, progres...

vestibular system failure

Hi all, My wife's vestibular system is gone. It's a genetic issue that causes degeneration of the nerves.If you see here walking, it looks like she's had a few glasses of wine There's no repairing it. Via an external gyroscope, a stimulus can be put...

Resolved! GCP API keys exposed in app

Hey folks, our app recently started failing security vulnerabilities testing due to "GCP API keys exposed in app", implying that somewhere in code is a hardcoded web client API key. However, I haven't been able to locate any such issue in our app. Is...

Figma Asset Template

Hi Everyone! I use Figma for creating our submission assets and I have taken the time to lay out the assets required in a figma community file. Hopefully this helps a fellow figma user!

Yellow discoloring

I recently purchased an oculus and have now seen a yellow spot on the screen. I was reading comments and it’s due to sun exposure, I would find the valid if I had taken it out of my apartment. I’ve only used it a handful of times and when not being u...

Trouble making Developer account

Hey all. Im trying to sign up for Oculus Developer account but whenever I try to log in with my Facebook account, it says'Continue as Undefined'.Everytime I try to login, it loads the page as if it was loading a new page, and never does anything.Some...

Validation Oculus Developer Account

Hi, I have an old Oculus Developer Account but I can't access it. I can't receive the validation number. I no longer have access to old email and I cannot see the validation number. How can I do it? I'm writing it in this forum because I can't find a...

Resolved! My Quest is hosed

Last several days my Quest wouldn't load the Store. Just says 'Oops. Nothing to Show here'. But it still had all my games. Now, it looks like I have the new colored icons, but in Settings it still says version 29. More importantly, all my games are g...