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Can you create a store page without a build?

Hi there, Our team was wondering if there is a way to set up a store page for our soon to be released game? As in, can we set up the page, set it as a "coming soon" status and not upload a build but have everything else? We can't seem to find where t...

Oculus Quest 2 problems

Quest 2 all the sudden tracking was gone then controllers won't pair. Rebooted... nothing, then factory reset. Now cannot set up because the controllers still won't pair to the headset. This is crazy paid alot of money for it to all the sudden stop w...

Ecb2010 by Level 2
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Sun damage

Can you replace the lenses/screen in quest 2? Please help!!! This particular headset was worn by a very special person and if I can’t fix it to use again my heart will break. Please help.

Can't access Analytics for App Lab app

In the developper dashboard, Analytics pages are definitly empty for weeks... Except of "Marketing Attribution" and "User Engagement" that gives an approximation of the sales with "Conversion". We have more than the first step of 100 sales for sure. ...

Store upload - "Platform abandonnned"

Hello, I'm trying to upload an apk to the store for the Quest but I'm always getting a message "Platform abandoned" (translated from French) :I tried to modify the manifest to get around that but no change in the signature seems to do the trick... Al...



I need your help my oculus doesn’t want to connect to my iPhone 12 mini and it keeps on saying enable Bluetooth but it is and when I try to connect it and it turns off and I just got this yesterday for my birthday and now I’m sad so please help me

Promotions Tab is Empty!

Hello fellow devs,Hope that this is an ongoing issue, but from 2021 although am checking almost daily i haven't seen any promotion to get approved for rift sales.Is this an issue that others are facing or is it just me?Thank you

GRADGR by Level 4
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Quest App Lab - Hand tracking also requires Touch?

I'm hoping to clarify something vague in the documentation for Quest app specs going to App Lab. Can anyone confirm if it's possible to publish an app to App Lab that only uses hand tracking? Elixir on the Oculus Store, for example, does not seem to ...

MaxInfo by Level 2
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Oculus GO = keep it functional

I understand the money maker is the Quest lineup. I don't expect all kinds of future development for the Oculus GO, but at the least you guys should keep it operational for those who have purchased it. The Oculus Go still has a place in the market. I...

Logging in as test user requires Facebook?

Trying to get my Oculus Quest 2 paired and into developer mode. I created some test users from my organization's dashboard; when I try to log in as one of these users on my phone, it goes to a screen that says "Please log in with your Facebook accoun...

JPranno by Level 2
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After selecting profile picture app goes blank

After launching the app for the first time and setting up to the point of profile picture selection the app works fine, but right after selecting the profile picture and confirming the screen goes blank, its not crashing just going blank and if I for...

Link support

Any plans for VR support for the Quest link cable and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650? Not 1650 super, just 1650. Brand new computer, so disappointed to find out the 1650 is not currently supported for Link!


C0ntract0r d0esnt work bssket ball wont Curve in basket $$®© fixtyand starting to glitch

Eleven VR

Hi guys I'm not a developer, I'm a table tennis player of a reasonably good standard. I'm loving Eleven! Especially as we are in lockdown. However I can't help thinking the developers have missed a trick here. Firstly, we are all equipment junkies! C...


i cant get in to my oculus quest 2 the Bluetooth is not letting me yous my pattern to get in it there no way to re set it to i lost that thing to help me with that can some one look at my link to my oculus

Trouble making Developer account

Hey all. Im trying to sign up for Oculus Developer account but whenever I try to log in with my Facebook account, it says'Continue as Undefined'.Everytime I try to login, it loads the page as if it was loading a new page, and never does anything.Some...

Whats up with Oculus Team?

Are there any information about oculus team "where are they"? We don't get any answers to our emails. Our submitted app status is "submitted" since 4 weeks. No upcoming weekly sales in this year....etc