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Developer mode wont turn on

I can't figure out how to turn on developer mode.. I have watched a youtube tutorial and followed every step but when I restart my quest 2 and load the app up to see if developer mode is enable it just maked me create another one. I don't get it I ne...

Cannot Enter Developer Mode

I am trying to turn on developer mode in the oculus app. When I try to switch it to developer mode it just tried to take me creating/register website. I already created an organization and signed in. I even follow this link and signed in again that w...

Can't add a member to my org

Hi there, I'm trying to add an account to my org on the Developer Dashboard. But whenever I try and add an account through the ''Add member'' button, it doesn't work. I press enter after I typed in the account name & it just keeps 'loading' it seems....

Oculus developer verify

Hey so I just had the thingy where u have to verify your organization for developer mode, I verified, but now I cant turn on developer mode from my android. The setting isn't there. Any help?

jumst3r by Level 2
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dev mode gone

I had forgotten to verify my developer mode account and now I've lost it, even though I have verified I still do not have dev on my questI've verified and even made a new organization yet still nothing works at all

Resolved! Oculus dashboard not displaying application ids?

I started a new Unity project today for Rift, and went to my Oculus Dashboard to recall my app id... they used to be displayed on the main dashboard management screen that lists your apps. They don't appear to be listed there any more. I've looked th...

JeffNik by Level 7
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ODH - Production Channel for AppLab not available

Hi folks, I just noticed that I now need to use the developer hub to push new builds. When I opened it I also noticed that I have no Production Channel available. Only the Alpha, Beta and RC channels are available.Does anyone know why this is the cas...

Upload to App Lab with a large apk (Unity)

Hi there,I'm trying to upload my Quest app on the app lab. The size of it is 3.5 GB and I'm splitting it using the obb but there's a limitation for the .obb not to accede 2GB in Unity. Does anyone faced this issue before? I'm having this error when I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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iOS app as Oculus Go Controller

Due to dead controller and lack of sales, I no longer can use my console, is it possible for developers to enable the iOS app to work as a controller for the Oculus Go?Thank you.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Creating a store bundle?

I would like to be able to create a one-time purchase bundle that will give our consumers access to a collection of apps at once. Is such a thing possible?Our apps are all under the App Lab store, by the way, if that matters.

Resolved! Unsupported Image Dimensions

I am having issue uploading images to the Oculus App Lab App Submission > Assets section. I have consistently got an error that says “Unsupported Image Dimensions” while the dimensions/resolution have been verified multiple times.

App Lap submission problem

Hey,I have submitted my Quest app to App Lab at least 1.5 month ago, and it is still under the 'review' status.Is there anybody in same situation? How long I have to wait...?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Promotions Tab is Empty!

Hello fellow devs,Hope that this is an ongoing issue, but from 2021 although am checking almost daily i haven't seen any promotion to get approved for rift sales.Is this an issue that others are facing or is it just me?Thank you

GRADGR by Level 4
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Resolved! How to upload AppLab

I regist app in Oculus Developer.I can access my game to the app lab, but others will say Not Found when they access this address. Do you need any additional settings?

Resolved! GCP API keys exposed in app

Hey folks, our app recently started failing security vulnerabilities testing due to "GCP API keys exposed in app", implying that somewhere in code is a hardcoded web client API key. However, I haven't been able to locate any such issue in our app. Is...

Figma Asset Template

Hi Everyone! I use Figma for creating our submission assets and I have taken the time to lay out the assets required in a figma community file. Hopefully this helps a fellow figma user!

Yellow discoloring

I recently purchased an oculus and have now seen a yellow spot on the screen. I was reading comments and it’s due to sun exposure, I would find the valid if I had taken it out of my apartment. I’ve only used it a handful of times and when not being u...