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"New" Financial Reports - Not useful

Level 5
For some months already the Oculus Dashboard has changed the Financial Reports to a CSV style that are based on the Games Payment Reports from Facebook.
Mode details here (

This can be an great API for people to extract their data and to create great scripts with that. 

BUT, what I do feel is that now I can't get to read in an easy way what I am selling, when or for who. I download a zip file containing a csv for each day and I need to combine this several files to get even the simple data of how much will I get this month.

IMHO this is totally useless if there is no graphical interface to access, which could be done by Oculus/Facebook, but for the final user to try to decode info from that is far from practical.

Anyway, I wish we could have something simple as the Play Store console for financial, or even Steam Partner website.

I love the data from downloads and stats, they are great, but financial I just wait to get the invoice and they send it days after the money is already on my account. I feel that strange.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
@pekayatt Thank you for the feedback, I'll pass this along to the proper team to review.

Do you have any examples on-hand of your ideal financial reports?

Level 5
Hi @NinjaGaijin
In fact the one from Steam is pretty awesome, but I don't think I can share the interface or examples from them.

I asked one of our devs to make some scripts so I can have overall infos and I will be sharing the script soon.

The worst is that as we have the data only per day, hardly they provide us enough information. Maybe bigger companies with bigger numbers prefer like that, but for us indies we need to aggregate all that in a single file (at least), so we can use Excel (for instance) to extract data that matter..