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ODH 1.8.0: Proximity sensor switch stuck on "loading"



Starting three weeks ago, I've been unable to turn on/off the proximity sensor on my Quest 2 through the ODH "My Device" page; I was able to operate the switch before, but one day it stopped working altogether, completely out of the blue.


The Proximity Sensor switch gets stuck like this.The Proximity Sensor switch gets stuck like this.


Short of a factory reset, what else can I do? Is there a shell command I can use to reset the status?

Btw, the proximity sensor is on in the headset, but I need to turn it off.


Level 4

Hey! Did you ever get this working? If not, submit a bug report  via ODH and include the logs so that we can debug the issue on our end. Let me know when its done and I can report back with some suggestions for how to troubleshoot.