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Oculus link not working anymore on quest 2.

Hello! My Quest 2 is not working anymore. When I go on oculus app, it says "Cannot find headset." even though it is plugged in. I put it in the right USB spot I did everything right but it just, stopped working. I tried EVERYTHING to fix it, but it seems like nothing ever works. I even tried to ask for help here from my friend, who made an account to help me fix it, but IT NEVER WORKS. I tried all the methods and all the things that can fix it, nothing ever works. Please reply to me, I really want to use my oculus link!! ☹️


Level 4

That's my NIGHTMARE: my WiFi connection falls after few minutes, so I am FORCED to plug and unplug the USB at each build.

If the USB port gets f*****, I'll be f***** too.

I hope it's not what happened to you, dude.