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Oculus Mirror problem.

I tried to use the Oculus mirror tool in order to capture gaming video using Nvidia Shadow play (which will record the uppermost open desk-top window easily) and Oculus Link (of which I have had no problems with, so far).I had no problem recording th...

Oculus Developer Hub can't find headset

Hi,ODH can't find my headset..Works with the OculusClient without any problems and detects the headset instantly..Latest ADB is installedDeveoper mode is enabled..In the docs, it says when connected to PC, you should get a message in headset to conne...

controler and game

make controllers for virtual reality in the form of gloves for each finger 1 buttonmake a belt for virtual reality 3-5 buttons is the basics of all RPGshow to move I have not yet figured out maybe move to point like in the game lineage2 or other mmor...

Errors returned by Oculus are useless

When a user cancels purchasing an in-app product, the error message returned to my app is "Oculus.Platform.Models.Error" from this code: private void LaunchCheckoutFlowCallback(Message msg) { if(msg.IsError) { Debug.LogFormat("An error occured while ...

Oculus Go App Submission APK Upload

Hi, I have previously submitted an app to the store successfully, and had it approved for keys only which satisfies my purpose at the moment. I have another version of the app which I am trying to also submit for keys only approval, it is an alternat...

YBouz by Level 2
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Real-time tracking of Oculus controllers

Hi all,We've just put together this tracker for the controllers that we've been using during our user testing sessions to see what is really happening (most of times users are pressing all sort of buttons and it's hard to figure it out). This can be ...

Oculus Utilities 1.8 feedback

Hi there,I wanted to report a couple of issues with the Oculus Utilities 1.38:Oculus/Tools/Build Mobile-Quest Expansion File The asset bundle being renamed is not the one to be used as an expansion file.Let say I have an asset bundle id named "myBund...