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Fallback for Oculus SDK requests

Hi all! So I've been implementing the Oculus SDK authentication code into my PC VR game, but it seems that when the Oculus PC client is inactive and needs to start together with the game, Users.GetLoggedInUser() does complete but Users.GetUserProof()...

Resolved! Error after update HandPhysics.cs

Whats does this mean?Assets/Oculus/SampleFramework/Core/HandsInteraction/Scripts/HandPhysics.cs(110,22): error CS1061: 'OVRPlugin.BoneCapsule' does not contain a definition for 'Points' and no accessible extension method 'Points' accepting a first ar...

Question regarding installation of a codec

Hello, we recently ported an app from quest to rift so it runs natively on PC, the main function of the app is to play 360 videos. The app needs a codec to play these videos properly. If I understand the oculus store guidelines we must not create an ...

Vilyo by Level 2
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VR App only playing sound if Dashboard is open

I'm trying to publish a small VR experience I put together over the years. After I packaged it (ue4 (2.24.3) the sound only works when the Oculus Dashboard is open. No Sound when in the game. I don't have any "in focus" Notes attached to my soundnote...

SecurityException when accessing Bluetooth API

I'm trying to access the Bluetooth API within a Unity project, but I end up with a SecurityException:01-24 20:40:47.280 26380 26405 E Unity : AndroidJavaException: java.lang.SecurityException: Need BLUETOOTH permission: Neither user 10076 nor current...

harrz-s by Level 3
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