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Alcohol references and game-titles

Level 2

Hey! I am not sure if I am on the right forum-board for this. But I wanted to know what you guys know about alcohol references and how it makes the game harder (or not) to publish.

If wanted to make a game called "Beers and [X]"  or "Wine and [Y]" would that be a huge shot in the foot when it comes to publishing on the oculus store?



Level 2

I cannot tell about Oculus but generally yes, anything containing the word beer can make your age go up. In a project I worked for the Wii we had some billboards on the road promoting a fantasy "root beer" (which is a non-alcoholic drink) and our publisher ask us to remove the wording to avoid any issues. In you case if it is in the title... probably better if you can come up with a different name.