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How to create the characters I need

Level 2

How do I create the characters, monsters, and other content I need? It is clear that you need to draw yourself, but I can only create a drawing from all the graphics.
Where can I find artists in the field of computer graphics, so that I can order some model or background for the game? Where can I get the sounds? Or should they be recorded? How? Where would I order it?


Level 2

If art isn't your thing there are all the resources you would need on both the Unity and the Unreal Engine Marketplace. 

Level 3

There's no need for you to draw yourself either, you just need to hire professionals that can help you do everything till the end. But you need to be ready that such specialists are quite pricy. I remember that I spent all my savings that I had thanks to tf2 trade bot on hiring such professionals, but it was worth it.

Level 4

Search search and search, my dear.

JUST SEARCH, like everyone of us did, and you will find a lot of information and resources, some free, some to pay.