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Oculus use

Level 2
I'm amazed by my new Oculus. I've been waiting for 40 something years to finally see the reality of the movie called Looker. It is an 80's flick that was the first to deal with the world of VR.
I'm not really a developer, more a creationist. I have all of these ideas for VR experiences and applications. I'm also interested in how that can be used by the disabled. VR walks through national parks, museums and other experiences. Or maybe that's what a developer does? I have the ideas but not the experience.
As for the Oculus Quest that I have, it's glitchy as hell. Lossing boundaries, hand controls not working. I've only been able to solve problems with hard shutdowns. Glitches in programs themselves. Skin irritations, from the face mask. 
So where would I start vomiting my ideas on anyone willing to hear them? I want to be involved in the conversation of product development, experience coordinator.
Maybe even a future career...