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Psychedelic VR racer: tron meets wipeout :)

Level 3
Hey guys,

So we kind of made a VR game for Oculus. It's called Return Zero VR and it is now available on Steam. You can learn more riiight here:


As for the game itself, basically Return Zero VR is a­ beautiful,­ psychedelic,­ ultrafast VR tunnel
racer. Where players collect blue gates to gain speed while avoiding the red and yellow ones.
We can also overcome the speed of light and experience time running backwards!


To make things simple and intuitive, we decided to use gaze to control the ship, creating something that ports well to different platforms 😉


If you want to see it in action, heres a gameplay video! Check it out:

This was a one-man dev and might be a base for a more elaborate game. So, I'd love to know what you think about it and what you think I can improve, etc. All input is most welcome!

The game is also available on other...platforms 😉