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Simulating "weight" (of items, weapons etc.) in VR (Stuff feels like it's made out of paper)

Level 9
Bear with me since I haven't actually developed for VR (yet!) but I am a programmer.

When I am in VR, basically any game, social app etc..and I grab a heavy gun or a weapon, say like a giant's a total-turn off because it "feels" that even the heaviest items have no weight. Guns feel like they're made of paper. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

My question here is whether a simple delay between the Touch input and moving a "heavy" object in VR would give someone the impression of weight? I'd really love to try this out there a good, simple demo/source code for Touch where you can play around with virtual items where I could play with the code and try this out?

(Thinking about might not even work...but aside from a delay and possible haptic feedback on the controller I wouldn't know how else to simulate weight. Anyone have an idea?)

Level 7
I think adding a delay disorientate users as they would be moving faster in the real world.

Maybe and it is a BIG maybe a slow down effect might work, although it would feel similar to a delay it would at least move with the user with no "lag" so the heavier the item to long it takes to swing or move it.

Could possibly work