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Tuscany xml hacking

Level 2
I'm coding a perl based tuscany xml file reader/writer.
Therein I will duplicate and place geometry etc.
There is a heck of a lot of objects/textures to play with in this seemingly
small courtyard.

I'll post some xml output if anyone is interested.

Level 2
Any results? 😄

Level 2
Finally able to generate misc stuff from scripts into Tuscany xml engine with collisions.
I will use my fancy object creation code to put some fancy large maze type enviroments
as a demo. But these are sterile wanderings. We need animation. So despite the better
consideration of NOT coding engines, I will look into integrating the iphone VR graphics
sdk that has animation nodes, which I interfaced to my perl sdk a few years back.
I give up on iphone gpu graphics for Oculus VR as an excellent platform to demonstrate
my object build code prowess. Huge levels can be generated in hours, if the gpu and VR sdk
can take it.

Level 2
Hi, I'm looking for something very similar like this. My goal is to display machine simulations in oculus with movements of robots for example. Basically, it would be the best to display the contents of a CAD-3d viewer with an Oculus. Here, my thought was to use a replacement for the tuscany.xml for static models, but I have no guess how to allow motion of model components. I'll try to figure out how the structure of the tuscany.xml is, or if you could give me a hint where to find information about the xml-structure, I'll be really glad!