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16 New levels to Galaxy Forces VR

Level 5
The ability to add user created levels is added, and it happens that MrA has created 16 high quality mission levels. All with hiscore/medals and replay. For now MrA is alone in the hiscore so we need players. All new levels are on page 2 (arrow right in menu).

The game is free for Steam, Oculus and on SideQuest.
Why not join the discord server and share your own levels, or just read about the new multiplayer feature in development:


Level 8

Great game! 🙂
But it is just to hard to play 😞
No fun after you have crashed several times. So one open a game, crash spaceship, close a game.

Could you make a simple arcade mode (without statistics) please! Just to see all of the maps.
To make it simple could you make a Touch controller rotation to control ship rotation and no crashes (with restart all over from the level start). You could make some crash-delay instead of starting with all of your progress deleted for that level. It would make a game more fun for easy play and popular (so any one could choose a hard mode as it is now).

And more over, how about "jet pack mode"? So your headset camera will be on that ship and it will be like you are flying first person on a jet pack? 🙂

Level 5
I will have it in mind, to try and do a mode with double the health/half the score or something, I think that is a great idea, thanks, I think I will begin immediately.

There is already a touch control steering feature, called "Point motion" in the options, maybe you will find it easier.

To chose any level you could do it by removing the internet connection, that will unlock all levels (but also take away achievements and hiscore).

The game is made to look at from the side, so no jet-pak mode, it would make it near impossible to land without a rear view and sense for where you have the ship.

Level 5
New in v1.53 "Easy mode". 5xHealth, Half the score.

Level 4
I have some more levels in development and it would be really good to see some more players join the party. All are welcome and eventually that can lead to more level builders as well. The new "easy mode" could really help as its less harsh on 'learner' pilots.

Level 4
Here is a youtube video of me playing Race02 from Galaxy Forces VR


And here is one of the 16 new levels, its called "The Caverns". Somehow I managed to complete this without loosing a life.



Level 4
There are now 24 user created levels, here is me playing a level which is the sequel to the video above. This is The Caverns 2 in Galaxy Forces VR


There is some crazy bullet dodging in this video which paved the way for finishing without loosing a life. 

Level 5

Now 34 user created levels, free for both Rift and Quest (AppLab).