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AFFECTED: The Manor Getting A Fantastic Revamp For Halloween

Level 15

For those who own it, there is a great free upgrade coming! For those who don't... this is a great party favorite experience. Highly recommended (along with some adult diapers).


Fallen Planet Studios are going to put all of its DLC into one complete package and give the title a revamp. Titled simply AFFECTED: The Manor : Complete Edition and its due for release in the next week.


However PC VR and Oculus Quest owners of AFFECTED: The Manor already have received such extras as The Gauntlet. This is a speedrun mode with each player ranked on their times. You can compete in global leaderboards to try and get the best time! Also, the DARKNESS UPDATE brings a whole new experience of terror to virtual reality. You must try to work your way through The Manor with only your candle to illuminate the darkness. Both of these modes are now coming to PlayStation VR for the very first time.


For Halloween, the developers have put a hidden secret into the game. The Architect’s Room is something you’ll need to look for whilst exploring the mansion because: “inside will be all manner of secrets – both here in the present and for the future,” the studio stated.