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Amusement rides - New rollercoaster: HELIX - 115.000+ downld

Level 2

The newest rollercoaster HELIX has been released. As this is a seperate project, you can find the project-topic by going here:


* Please post your comments for Helix in the appropriate project-topic. Thanks!


Dear fellow-developers and Rift-enthusiasts!

We proudly announce our first shared demo's from ArchiVision. We are a dutch company that creates artist impressions of real-estate projects. The Rift has inspired us (and our customers) big-time since the last couple of months and we have inspired the real-estate scene back on our turn by creating some interesting projects with the Rift.

Alot of customers come to visit our company for a quick demo of the Oculus Rift. Since we want to impress them with the immersiveness of the device we always start of with the Unreal Rollercoaster demo. Our customers were so very impressed that we thought of creating our own amusement rides in turn.

The first five rollercoasters were made in our spare time. We would love to make more complex coasters in shorter time (preferably during work hours), therefore I have put a banner on top of the downloadpage where you guys can support us in making these awesome rides for a price less than a real rollercoaster ride! Would be nice if you could check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please share your "My mom tries the Rift-rollercoaster"-videos! We'd love to get some feedback! ๐Ÿ˜„

Downloads are hosted by our own wetransfer channel. Please let me know if there are any issues with the download links.


01/31/2013: Reached 80.000+ downloads
11/27/2013: Reached 40.000+ downloads
11/23/2013: Fifth rollercoaster released (Templecoaster)
11/22/2013: Reached 35.000+ downloads
11/09/2013: Reached 30.000+ downloads
10/18/2013: Reached 25.000+ downloads
10/08/2013: Reached 20.000+ downloads
09/26/2013: Reached 15.000+ downloads
09/19/2013: Reached 10.000+ downloads
09/18/2013: Fourth rollercoaster released (Cobra)
09/12/2013: Third rollercoaster released (Woodcoaster)
09/09/2013: Second rollercoaster released (Spaceshot)
09/04/2013: First rollercoaster released (Tornado)

Downloads (31 jan. 2014):

Tornado: 12.746
Spaceshot: 6383
Woodcoaster: 6486
Cobra: 15.358
Templecoaster: 39.700



"I have seen the walls and Hanging Gardens of ancient Babylon, the statue of Olympian Zeus, the Colossus of Rhodes, the mighty work of the high Pyramids and the tomb of Mausolus. But when I saw the Templecoaster rising to the clouds, all these other wonders were put in the shade"
- Antipater of Sidon (not really Antipater of Sidon)

Downloadpage (PC & MAC):

* NOTE: Press "spacebar" to start the ride!


Cobra Rollercoaster:
This rollercoaster was created to test a new technique for creating banked trackparts and loopings. It is a hanging rollercoaster that is not based on any existing coaster. For the creation of the track we used a gradually twisting path deform generated out of a single spline. We also constrained multiple dummy's within each other to the track path, this gives us the opportunity to implement banking in the corners as well as loopings and the use of multiple carts. Since this rollercoaster is downloaded the most, we decided to add some scenery to it. Credits for some of the assets go to GearTech Games.

Downloadpage (PC & MAC):

* NOTE: Press "spacebar" to start the ride & Press "enter" to turn on/off your head-light!


This is a rollercoaster with a longer track, driven by physics and generated out of a single spline. This method gives us the opportunity to quickly generate a physics driven rollercoaster in any given situation/surrounding. As our method for generating from splines improves, so will the coaster ๐Ÿ™‚ We will keep improving this method every new version. For this project/coaster it's really important for us that you guys give us feedback and ideas so we can improve the coaster over time and add new features to it. This coaster is settled on the Unity3D (3.x) Demo scene "Island".

Downloadpage (PC & MAC):

* NOTE: Press "spacebar" to start the ride!


Spaceshot Freefall:
Secretly we all love experiencing our fears. This demo was created to experience some feeling of vertigo. It's an amusement ride based on "Spaceshot" from the Dutch themepark Walibi Holland. We had to implement some sort of environment to the experience for better reference so we borrowed Oculus' Tuscany scene. Credits for the environment go to them!

Downloadpage (PC & MAC):

* NOTE: Press "spacebar" to launch or "M" to switch from lift- to launchmode!
- Try hitting the scroll-lock button before launch for some extra fun


Tornado Rollercoaster:
This is a quick demo we made from an old rollercoaster intern-project in 2007 (Credits to Erik Mostert). The demo we created is a rollercoaster demo which we found more immersive then the other rift-ready rollercoasters. The Rollercoaster is a replica of an existing Rollercoaster in the dutch theme-park "Hellendoorn".

Downloadpage (PC & MAC):

* NOTE: Press "spacebar" to start the rollercoaster ride!!
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Level 2
The links say no permission to download, too many people downloaded perhaps?

Level 2
Great rides!
I specially liked Wooden and Spaceshot.
I think the rides can be more smooth. In some turns it feels quite stiff.

Level 2
Hi TimVR, love the ride, thanks for keeping up the great work! ๐Ÿ˜„ I posted a review of Cobra Coaster on our blog today.

Level 2
Any mac support????

Level 2
"brainsick" wrote:
Any mac support????

OS-X is supported. Just follow the download URL on and click the Apple icon. Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Level 3
Your coasters continue to be the biggest hit when I show the Rift to family and friends. Thanks again for spending the time creating and sharing these.

Level 2
I've downloaded a couple of roller coasters, but all i get is a bright blue screen with some seemingly handwritten text down the right corner.
After i press the button to start the ride i only hear the sound, and the screen is still there.
What do i need to do? ๐Ÿ˜ž

Level 2
"bakric" wrote:
I've downloaded a couple of roller coasters, but all i get is a bright blue screen with some seemingly handwritten text down the right corner.
After i press the button to start the ride i only hear the sound, and the screen is still there.
What do i need to do? ๐Ÿ˜ž

@ bakric:
Some suggestions I found:

In case anyone else runs into this problem, it was fixed by upgrading to Lion.

installing visual studio 2012 solved the problem.

I had this exact issue until I installed .NET updates, as well as other Windows Updates. I figured there was some C# .NET feature that Unity was using that needed to be updated on my machine.

Try it, I hope it works!! ๐Ÿ™‚

@all (OT):

As some of you may have noticed, I am currently working very hard on my own project; creating a sharing platform for the Oculus Rift:

I would love it if you guys could give me some feedback on that or/and help me fill the website with applications (see the submit button on top).

More info in this topic:
Help wanted: Creating an awesome sharing platform!

Please give feedback in that topic aswell! ๐Ÿ˜„

Level 2
I find they run really sluggish on my system.

i7 920 @2.4ghz 16Gb ram.
GTX 285

Cant really push GPU more but system sits happily at 4ghz.
Intel i920@4ghz, 12gb ram, Windows 7 Nvidia GTX 970 4gb, 120gb SSD, OR Dev Kit 1&2

Level 3
I have the most up to date form of mac os (lion) and still get a bright blue/negative screen in right eye...any fix? :?: