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Any VATSIM users out there?

Level 9
i have recently been spending a lot of time in FSX/fly inside, doing my own thing and not really paying much attention to any flight rules or to what other aircraft might be doing.  I've been really enjoying it, but I'm now wanting to get a bit more "real" and the thought of the default FSX, menu-driven ATC interface, especially with a Rift, is not overly attractive.

having done a bit of Googling, I have come across something called VATSIM, an FSX addon, which appears to have created a network of volunteer ATC peeps and a load of member pilots, that interact in the virtual world.  This would appear to offer probably the most realistic ATC service and, even better, one that is fully useable via a headset.

however, before taking the plunge on what might be a fairly steep learning curve, I wondered if anyone else might be using or have used VATSIM and would be happy to share their experiences?

for example, as I have no real world flying experience and therefore no experience of the language/terminology used in ATC comms, was the effort of learning it worthwhile?

also, it looks like I will need to install another piece of software that will be the interface between FSX and the VATSIM servers and I wondered if this might be a reason for having to regularly take off the headset?


Level 9
oh, it looks like vpilot, one option for an app that sits between FSX and VATSIM, can be imported into Flyinside, so you can drag the window inside your aircraft's cockpit and fully use it without having to take off the headset. Now that is useful.

To cut a long story short, i have now signed up to VATSIM and although i have yet to do any flights, i have been listening in on the controller/pilot communications and when i get comfortable with the terminology and the etiquette, i'll give a flight a bash.    

In the meantime, i am building on my piloting skills, as i am not sure the controllers would be overly impressed if i crashed, especially if that was into another member's plane 🙂   

Level 4
Please let us know how you get on @Greyman. I've toyed with the idea of VATSIM many times - along with joining a VA - to give some purpose to my P3D flying.  I always end up going back to AirHauler and Pro ATC/X!

Level 3
I had trouble with the integration of Vatsim ATC channels and flyinside P3D3v4 and cannot get a answer from flyinside or lockheed why the radios are messed up..for now I fly FSEconomy and flyinside, I also dropped the Leap controller as I could not get to work for me.

Level 9
the radios in FSX work OK for me, but i am now being wooed away by the bright 64-bit lure of X-Plane 11.

The airports looks so much better with loads of stuff going on, when you are taxiing to or from the runways and it looks like there is a pretty good A330 addon aircraft that looks on a par with the Aerosoft ones i use in FSX.  Also, i can still use VATSIM, perhaps with a different piece of software to replace vPilot.  I hope FlyInside will allow me to import the xplane interface software as it does with vPilot.

The default planes on the X-Plane demo appear to be a little flaky, for example, as i couldn't get the autopilot buttons on the 747 to turn off.  Maybe it was me. 🙂

Level 13
I used it a long time ago.  It was fun, but if you don't pay attention to the ATC they get pissed and kick you off the server.  I think the focus was on Virtual Airlines and making money in game, but it was so time consuming, I can't do real flights that last hours, it's boring and sucks all your time away.  But it's damn addicting at the same time 😉