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Are you able to re-map the touch controls?

Level 5
The beta was fun for the couple hours i played it, but i didnt like constantly pushing in the left thumbstick for turbo. I feel like constantly doing that can add big time wear and tear to the controller vs just pressing the trigger.

Are you able to map the controls of this game to different buttons on the controller? Thx!

Level 3
I would love to map the grab function to the index fingers. My hands are slightly to big for touch; making it tricky to use the grip button while still firmly holding the controller.

Level 4
I'd love to switch the propulsion buttons to the dialog buttons. It feels awkward having them the way they are.
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Level 5
I also want the ability to invert the up and down controls when activating pitch with the right thumbstick. Right now u cant invert the control scheme.