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Azgard's Wrath Installation Fixed!!!

Level 3

Hello all - I recently had issues with install to Azgard's Wrath. After searching for solutions, I found one on Reddit that worked. The simple solution is to turn off all security software, SPECIFICALLY MICROSOFT DEFENDER. That is all you need to do plus have 250gb of drive space for the game per another post I saw to allow for 80gb download and then 140gb when it gets unpackaged. You will see the game run through the install to 100% and then repeat it a second time. Leave it alone and let it run and after the second run through, the game should be ready. Hope this helps everyone having severe frustration getting this game installed because the reviews are overwhelmingly high. Now it is time for me to go take my first look at the game, so cheers and good luck.


P. Carlson


Edit: The game is massive in size, the graphics are best there are in my opinion. Took my time and searched around so only a few areas covered after many hours of gameplay. This will likely be many months long game to complete.