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BIGSCREEN - sort out your GUI!

Level 9
I like to join others to see a film or something but the menu system selection just totally SUCKS!
Once you figure out that the initial scene has nothing but an open menu you then fall across finding the Lobby which is just a change of scene.
Here it has cameras I really don't know what any do and then after more fumbling around you find Rooms to join.
Once in a Cinema you are sat with the Menu Screen still Open and piss about trying to close it (= use Right Thumb Stick)
Then you got your Desktop to panic about too. Not sure if everyone can see it so be careful here!
To close that it seems to need Button B (Right Touch) on the arrow at the top right.
Why the FUCK is this so annoying to work out and use???
It needs a good sorting out. There's no way of moving either except changing seats! Makes no sense at all!