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Beat Sabre - Freezing during a Song

Level 2
Hi All

First time poster here and, owner of a Rift for a couple of weeks now. I will admit, Beat Sabre is the reason I got the Rift and, the ability to add extra songs using Beat Saver has been great. However......after running fine for the first few weeks, either the game or the Rift has developed an annoying habit of (the graphics/video) freezing during a song (while the audio still runs) meaning that, when it finally un-freezes, you have missed so many of the beats, you fail.

I have really no idea if it is the game or the headset, the whole set up has been working fine until this evening!

Thanks everyone!

Level 2
I am having this same issue, I have not been able to get it fixed. I requested a refund from Oculus, then I tried using Steam app and purchased the App from there thinking ot was the Oculus issue but it still doing it
I have the Rift, all other games work without issue so it has to be something with Beat Saber 

Level 2
So I sound out that if I install an App called Voicemeeter, It does not lockup the game. go figure??