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Black Screen and failure to start SteamVR games.

Level 2
I have a problem when trying to start up vr games on SteamVr.

When i try to open games like Pavlov VR or beat saber it never starts up. Like ill click on pavlov and i will get a black screen for a few seconds then it will just kick me out of the game.

it is really annoying since I just got vr and have no idea on whats going on.

ty to any responders


Level 2
Let me add, the same thing happens when I launch the games using oculus vr mode

Level 2
update the headset and the oculus app that should fix it. I had the same thing.

Level 15
Open up the Oculus app on your PC. Go to Settings > General and make sure Unknown Sources is turned on.
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Level 3

I’m having the same problem, but only for SteamVR games, I’ve tried Updating, and unknown sources is on, so what do I do?

I also have the same problem

how do you update the headset