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Blades and Sorcery oculus quest 2 height calibration issue

Level 2

So, I connected to my pc with my quest 2 and started playing Blades And Sorcery. Though everything is running and responding correctly, there is an initial “height calibration” action in the very beginning that asks you to hold both triggers to calibrate, but it won’t respond when I do. No matter what I try, the game is playable, but the text box with this instruction will NOT go away and follows me through the game getting in the way... any idea how to make this go away?? 


Level 2

I recently had the same issue and just restarted my game. Fixed it and I could enjoy the super badass game

I tried restarting, redownloading, nothing is working 

Did you find out 😞 I’m stuck

-> Same.  Both with the Steam version and the Oculus PC version.