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Building Business Apps through Oculus: Questions - Please Help! and Thanks!

Level 2

The software company I lead is contemplating developing an Oculus VR version of our software. We have a number of important questions and would greatly appreciate help.  If capable, this would transformational for a $55 billion annual market. Thank you in advance. Here are the questions:


1) We work with extremely confidential workforce information from major companies. It seems like Oculus legal terms grant Oculus/FB the right to use this data. Our clients will in no way support this. Is there an option to protect client data?

2) Does Oculus SDK and other app development support products provide the capability to handle basic mathematical functions such as: Sum, Average, Multiply?

3) Can we project tables into our VR view template? If so, can these tables be updated in real-time from external data outside?

4) Could one of our trainers, train a customer with both having access to the same VR app at the same time?

5) It seems to us that with Oculus VR, we could project a 3D image of the world. We think this would provide massive virtual real estate to display and consume massive amounts of data instead of the limitations of a single web page. Is that correct?

6) Can "Filters" be applied in Oculus?


Thank you so very much! If the project is feasible in Oculus VR, we will grant 10,000 stock options to all who help.

-Dan Hilbert


Level 9


Do not know if I'll help, but here are some thoughts:


- please see and contact "oculus for business" division, they could help you more; also they have different license agreement for business use.


- you have written about "web page", are your app web based? Have you tried to see WebVR (WebXR) demos, which allow to show VR environment through internal VR web browser? (so... licenses for web content can't be the same as for VR apps, fb can't own any web/webVR page you load in browser)


- for all other questions: it is possible in general but you will need technical specialist to ask more detailed questions and learn limitations if there are any.