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Can someone help me pick a game??

Level 7
Hi all. I am game stalled at the moment. I was thinking of X rebirth but not sure..
What do you think I should buy.. seriously.. not kidding I am not really getting into games at the moment..
To give you an idea I am playing DDDA and that is about it. 


Level 16
Have you tried Frogger..

Level 4
The stuff I play the most is on Steam. Do you like active games? I've put 40 hours into BoxVR which is a boxing style fitness game with loads of awesome workouts. I've had such a blast, and it's improved my fitness no end. Thrill of the Fight is great too. I'm not really into games that you need to use a joystick to move, I just like to be active so these fit the bill for me.

Sprint Vector coming out in a couple months is what I'm waiting for now!

Level 9
My Oculus home favorite is Chronos if you would like 3rd person, but honestly my favorite VR experience is still Alien Isolation in VR (on Steam) via easy mod.

Level 8
Fruit Ninja

Level 7

Fruit Ninja


Level 2
Been playing Chronos for a while it's really a great 3rd person game. It's not much expensive costs about $39. You can also try Star Trek: Bridge Crew to get whole new VR experience. For some humor and laughs you can play Rick and Morty game. Tutuapp Android Showbox Tutuapp Android

Level 8

Level 10
Aren't frogs supposed to like jumping?

Level 11
Name some of your favorite non-VR games and we'll have a better idea of what to recommend.

I highly recommend getting into flight sims. You buy a joystick and hotas and you enter a new world. IL-2 and DCS will provide infinite hours of entertainment. Project cars 2 and Asseto Corsa if you want to buy a wheel and pedal set. These are games for when you're tired of regular games and want infinite depth and challenge.

Currently my favorite touch game is From Other Suns. I highly recommend that to anyone who will listen. 

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