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Can't Launch Elite Dangerous from Oculus Home.

Level 3
Hello Guys, I have played Elite Dangerous via Oculus home for about a year. Just this past weekend I went to play and I can no longer launch Elite though Oculus home. It still shows up in the installed games in oculus home but clicking on it gives an application error message.

I have to click the Elite dangerous icon on my desktop to launch the game. The game will then launch and work with the rift. 

Is anyone else having this problem?

Level 9
Had this in the past where your Oculus is trying to open an out of date Launcher. Just check if you are using the Oculus Installed version (says Deluxe Edition) rather than an old link from a previous version which was launched from Desktop and it added a link to this. Also check if it has any Updates waiting for it within Home (now v3.0.5)

Level 6
Hey there Keron119, 

If the above suggestion doesn't work, please could you submit a support ticket which you can do here:

Our support team are always happy to help!

- CMDR Unha

Level 2
Hey there Frontier_Support, I am having the same issue. The game works when I launch it through SteamVR, but I prefer to launch it from the same place as I do all my other VR games. It used to work just fine but I have had to use SteamVR in the mean time. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done.


CMDR StupidDingo

(Love this game! Keep up the great work!)

Level 11
So, what error message are you getting?