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Comprehensive list of apps allowing Facebook streaming for the Rift

Level 5
Hi everyone!

I didn't see a list here, nor on Reddit, about the games and apps allowing streaming on Facebook so I thought I would start one for the people wondering. For now, I've tried the following:

- Oculus Home: available
- Dreamdeck Demo: not available - yet?
- Oculus First Contact: not available - yet?

- Aircar: available
- Anne Frank House VR: available
- Apollo 11 VR: not available - yet?
- Artika.1: not available - yet?
- Dead and Buried: available
- Dirt Rally: not available - yet?
- Drops Rhythm Garden: available
- Eleven Table Tennis VR: available
- Elite Dangerous: not available - yet?
- Facebook Spaces Beta: not available - yet?
- Google Earth VR: available
- Gun Club VR: available
- In Death: available
- Introduction to Virtual Reality: not available - yet?
- Jurassic World Blue: not available - yet?
- Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: available
- Skybox VR Player: available
- Lone Echo: available
- Lost: not available - yet?
- Lucky's Tale: not available - yet?
- Minecraft: not available - yet?
- Mission ISS: available
- Nature Treks VR: available
- Nefertari Journey to Eternity: available
- Oculus Dreamdeck: not available - yet?
- Oculus Video: not available - yet?
- Quill: available
- Reality Decks: available
- Robo Recall: available
- RUSH: available
- Superhot VR: not available - yet?
- The Climb: not available - yet?
- The Unspoken: available
- Thumper: available
- TribeXR DJ School: available
- Vinyl Reality: available
- VR Regatta: available
- Wilson's Heart:available

I plan on updating this post with other tests and your suggestions. If you know of any developers confirming or not about allowing streaming in the future, it could be useful too!

EDIT: tried all the apps I had installed, now I realize how much stuff I have 😄

Level 4
- Assetto Corsa Competizione: not available

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