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Creed: Rise to Glory (Review)

Level 15

I'll start by saying that I only Pre-Ordered this game because I'm a huge fan of the original Rocky films, and I was dying to hang out with the man himself:


Creed: Rise to Glory is a great game, and highly recommended if you are interested in heated competition against other people. If that is your goal, then this is a 4 out of 5 stars easy. However, if you are not interested in Multiplayer gameplay, and only want Creed as a Boxing Sim, then this is a 3 out of 5 stars at best. You are likely better off with Thrill of the Fight. Creed has fun training sims and a decent single player campaign; however, it truly shines as a Multiplayer experience.

If you plan to play this in all its Multiplayer Boxing Glory, then here are the things I think everyone will need:
  1. Meat. Get lots and lots of meat in your fridge. This game is gonna make you mighty hungry, and you'll want plenty of protein at the ready.
  2. Coconut Water. This is the best for hydration; and you're gonna need that.
  3. A cooling fan. Whether you're trying to train for a fight, train to get a Top Score (vs Friends, vs Global Players), or simply going through a Multiplayer Battle Royale... you're gonna sweat your arse off.
  4. A sparring buddy. When you find someone that you compete very well against, make them a sparring buddy! I fought 5 different people so far, and only one of them had a style that really challenged me (and visa versa). We fought each other a few times, and it was only sheer exhaustion that made me stop.

General Gameplay

Blocking and Dodging require great
timing, judgement, skill, and reflex. There isn't much cheese factor to
this game; you have to move and you have to be fast. Because both the
game (at higher Difficulty Levels) and other people will take full
advantage of a lazy fighter.

You cannot just whirlwind swing.
Your gloves will gain Fatigue, which causes you to slow down and leaves
you quite vulnerable. Time your punches and manage your defense. My best
fights were the "smart" fights, where I worked on tricking my opponent.

cant use the "height trick" to burrow their bodies in to the floor. If
you try it, the game treats it like you got knocked out and you're
gloves will glow red, leaving you very vulnerable.


Damage works really well in this game. Enemies start to redden and swell when you hit target areas for longer periods of time. That adds a great strategy element to the battles. Plus, the characters look hilarious when they get hit really hard!


If your hands do get fatigued and you get hurt, you have to make a circular motion with your controllers. But you need to be precise with this, or else you'll stay vulnerable for too long. Precision is based on the location of your real life hands in relation to your boxer's gloves (as depicted by glowing circles):


The farther away your real hands are from the circles around your boxing gloves, the longer you stay in this hurt/fatigue mode. This adds yet another element of strategy to the game, where victory comes from being able to react quickly and accurately.

If you get Knocked Out, then your "spirit" leaves your body and you have to make a running motion with your hands to re-enter your body and get up again. I love this feature!


Every element of this game involves some sort of cardio. Even walking around requires you to use your hands and arms, similar to the default movement in Gorn.


Currently, I did not see any statistics that show your win/loss ratio. Hopefully that is an oversight, because the game does track your progress with Training. But it really really really needs it for Multiplayer fights! Especially because you can choose from a variety of characters which seemingly have different pro's and con's (some are fast, some are strong, etc).

All of the battles I've played so far were highly entertaining. Not just because of the combat, but because of the sound people make when they are trying to hit you, trying to recover, or getting Knocked the hell Out. Some of them sound like that one scene from Predator where you hear Aaahnold through Predator's vision and ears:

And it is HIGHLY rewarding to land a Big Hit against another person and have their Avatar make an expression that matches the sounds of pain you're hearing from the Player's microphone lol


As a Multiplayer game I give this 4 out of 5 stars. The game needs Global Rankings per character chosen and the ability to Replay entire fights from a 3rd Person Camera Perspective. These two things would make this a perfect fighting game.

As a Single Player game, this only gets 3 out of 5 stars for being a bit short and redundant.

Overall though, this is the most multiplayer fun I've had in Physical Combat battles since I got my Rift in 2016.

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Level 15
Great Review. I hope there's a tutorial in the single player game about the rolling of hands when your fatigued. I'm just not sure what you mean even though you've explained it properly. I'll have to experience this myself to see how this works, but hope a tutorial shows you it in single player..

Level 15
Yeah the Tutorials are rather detailed. A popup appears showing a real person doing it, with a text-description.

Level 14
I must get my vr space set up again. This sounds good. Decent detailed review that, thanks
Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR 🙂

Not applicable
Aw bugger. I was hoping this was going to be crap...means there's ANOTHER game on my list when my leg heals up lol 😄 😄 😄

Level 15
Buy it, and come fight me snowdog!

Level 8
That sixth "movielike" fight was hard to me. I finally beated it on 5th or 6th try.

My hits 132 landed, opponent blocked 0%
Opponent hits 33 landed, i blocked 85%

Even for numbers being in my side it was very very close. Not sure, if i can beat next opponent or do i need to lower difficulty level.

Level 15
Yes, that "movie style" fight was hard as hell. I almost lost, and I had it on Easy lol

Not applicable
Be careful, the snowdog fights dirty:

I loved The Fight Lights Out. The only thing wrong with it was the locomotion due to some idiot at Sony deciding not to put a bloody stick on the Move controllers. You had to press a button and move the Move controller in the direction you wanted to go which makes the hands look a bit odd when fighting.

It should have reviewed A LOT better than it did but due to the majority of reviewers not knowing how to punch their way out of a paper bag it got some harsh reviews. 😮 😄

Level 7

MWAHAHAHA HAHA ….someone deposited £900 in my account today (something to do with going to work ill rephrase that as turning up) so I might just invest in this game. and snowdog is a pussy so it might be a laugh ! . from what u said Zenban it sounds like TF2 ...but with gloves on ...effects wise ? 

bollox I just bought it …. proly gonna get mullard ...but WTF ! it should be a laugh !... and by god do  need a laugh at the moment !