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Detached Multiplayer Update is coming soon

Level 4

Hi! I would like to share with you our newest teaser trailer. Race is coming to Detached among with other features and multiplayer mode improvements. Below you can find information about the upcoming update.

Watch Detached Multiplayer Teaser Trailer

New game mode - Race

The fight against your weaknesses in the cosmos was just the beginning. Now you're going to a real battle in a place where you can forget about gravity. Soon you will face your friends in the new Race mode that will test your determination, ability to control an advanced EVA suit and above all cleverness! Show everyone that you are number one and sign up as a leader in community rankings. These will remind everyone who is the best in space.

Leaderboards, Lobby, and more

In addition, parrying with a friend has never been so easy. The newest lobby will allow you to start competing with your friends in just seconds. What else awaits you? Stay tuned with the upcoming announcements later this month!

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