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DoD source and LF4D2 ect

Level 2
Had the rift for 2 and a bit days now so thought I'd give some games a bash. (Have loved every demo so far)

Left for dead is great fun despite the res.

Day of defeat runs well to, I suffered a lot because its been ages since I've played and it would be better with the consumer version.

I used Vireio Perception for both of these. Every simple and easy to turn the tracking on and off (just in case some one finds this topic while looking to get either going).

Team fortress 2 was OK, looks great but I've never been much chop at it. I'm letting my brothers young bloke lose on it tonight.

I've had a crack at Warthunder too, which I loved. If only I could work out how to change the point of view at the menu screens. I did try making my height taller in Oculus config utility but that will not let me set myself to 30m tall 🙂

I think it'd be fun to play all of these against others with the same advantages (3d and head tracking) and disadvantages (res)

Are there any other oculus friendly servers out there other than the TF2 one?
Ordered: 24th March Delivered ?