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Elite Dangerous Update Not Available

Level 2

I'm trying to launch elite dangerous but I am getting the following message: 


"The game requires an update before you can run it. You can check for updates within Oculus Home by selecting the 'updates' option in your library.

"There may be a slight delay between the update being released on our servers and Oculus' servers. Thank you for your patience."

There is no update available in Oculus Home and the update was released 12 hours ago - not what I would call a "slight delay". Is this a problem on Oculus' side or Frontier's? I'm surprised I'm the only one reporting this so could it be an issue with my Oculus Home?

Any help is appreciated.


Level 6

Hey there,


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the game. Please head to and submit a ticket so our team can investigate.