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Exiting Google Apps (Tilt Brush, Blocks)

Level 2
Am I missing something obvious, or do Tilt Brush and Blocks not have any in-app way of actually quitting back to Oculus Home? I've been looking all over for menu options to quit these gracefully and I can't find anything. The only way I've gotten back home is by hitting the Home button on my controller, and then hitting the Home icon in VR. Which is ok except I always get a warning about quitting the app in progress.

Is there something silly I've been missing?

Level 10
Don't think, you can add Google Earth to that list (and test it if you didn't as it's an amazing experience).

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Level 2
Oh yeah, Google Earth. Same thing! I just don't get what they're thinking. How do you not add a way to exit an app? Is this kind of UI popular on the Vive or something?