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Family Sharing Across Multiple Devices

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Meta/Oculus Developers need to create a true Family Sharing platform that would allow a parent or family member to purchase a game or app one time.  Then be able to push it to the rest of the family across multiple devices. ie More than one headset. 

I have 2 kids and each has their own Quest 2.  I shouldn't have to purchase the same game/app twice in order for them both to play it on their headsets. Having a family share plan would make it fair and easy to load purchases across all the families' headsets, allowing for a better multiplayer experience.

This concept is nothing new... Other competitors in the industry have already been doing this for years.  It is only right that Meta/Oculus follows suit.


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Oculus Support
Oculus Support

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thank you for bringing this to our attention! We understand how frustrating this feels to you. A lot of people who felt the same found some useful information here. If this doesn't help please send us a support ticket.




Was there a recent update that doesn’t allow multiple devices to share the app? I went in to play with my son, which we have done multiple times before, and it now says that we can’t access the game on multiple devices.

I would also like to know the answer to this. For months we have played beatsabre together in a party using family sharing but this evening it said I had to have the game purchased on both accounts?

I'm also wondering what happened. We have two devices with the same admin account, and turned on app sharing on one device. We've used it this way since we got the devices at Christmas, but now on Beat Saber and Walkabout mini golf, it is telling us we can't use the app at the same time on two devices? What gives? Why was this functionality granted and taken away? We probably wouldn't have bought these devices at all if sharing across devices wasn't possible. Will this be fixed soon?

Level 4

My quests updated to v38 today and I also cannot play my apps with my family.  This is why I bought it.  

Oculuss staff, please at lasten answer is this the bug or New property.


If this is property, i Will sell my two quest 2 devices away, and wait amazon device.

@OculusSupport  any update on this problem or why it changed?

Level 4

Latest update for email support:

This is Vitor from Oculus Support and I will be handling your ticket on behalf of my colleague.
Thank you for your patience thus far.
I truly understand your feelings, however, app sharing is meant to work as owning a physical copy of a game that can only be accessed by one user at a time. That being said, the apps can be shared from the primary to secondary accounts in one device. Playing them at the same time in two different devices will not work.
I understand that it may have worked before, but this was the way app sharing was meant to work and was fixed in the latest update.
Currently, the only way to play together is if each account owns the app and is logged in a different device.

In time -near of the last Cristmass -When I paid two headsets, there was information in the official oculuss site, that you can use appshare between headsets. If that has been changed, i like to refund my headsets and all the about 15 games I have been purchased. I think that is resonable. How I can do that? Oculuss staff, please answer me.