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FarCry VR (VR Arcade Experience)

Level 16

A new VR Arcade experience was released at Zero Latency recently. They have one here in Texas that I may try soon, and give my own first-hand review.


Here are some YouTube reviews available:


Some notes:

  • The graphics quality is good, but not on par with many may have at home with a 1080 or above.
  • The experience does not take advantage of hand-tracking or finger-tracking.
  • The main focus is Shooting and Hiding.
  • There are some glitches, such as enemies stuck in walls and bullets flying through obstacles.
  • There are only 2 weapons.
  • The total playtime is 30 - 45 minutes.



Level 16

@inovator wrote:


I think the distinct advantage would be the increased immersion by playing in a large space. But would that be enough to get people to keep coming back. 



I think there could be some benefits here. Most notably, touching an avatar in VR and feeling a real person! However, FarCry VR does not take full advantage of this in its current state.


The 'keep coming back' part is difficult. We saw this with reddit discussion around The Void, where anyone with a VR setup at home didn't feel compelled to return to play the exact same VR Arcade experience. It is typically a one-and-done.


I'm sure FarCry VR would be fun for a birthday party of even a company team builder, but considering how this has played out historically and what we have available today, it seems hard to imagine it having repeat business.


Some notable quotes from one of the YouTube reviews:

  • 1987 Lasertag called, they want their birthday parties back.
  • The textures in that ski lift could do with an upgrade.
  • For the amount of money put into this they could've made the gunplay look much better and not like every weapon is being one handed.
  • Seems cool but also a very niche thing, never been and don't think I ever will with home VR... don't feel the need to.