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Frontier Development dropping development for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey VR

Level 2

As you may know, Elite: Dangerous is one of the most popular VR titles on the market, and recently launched it's "Odyssey" Expansion pack.

However, Frontier Development elected to not implement VR features into the new "On-Foot" gameplay, opting instead for a projected screen model, where the gameplay that would otherwise be viewed on a standard monitor would be viewed as a static screen through the VR headset. Additionally, an enormous amount of performance is lost when 'upgrading' to Odyssey, where the game struggles to hit 40 FPS in many core gameplay environments.

When asked about this on their recent 'Supercruise News' stream, their community leaders stated that

"VR is near and dear to the communities heart, we've had a lot of questions and talk around VR recently obviously it was introduced in odyssey sort of in a, well in the on foot state you get the virtual screen up and so you can sort of continue your experience in VR on foot, but not in the fully sort of running around with the headset on state that some people would really like.

We've been reading your discussions closely, listening to your suggestions, noting them all down, we do intend to make a bunch of changes based on various bugs and fixes that have come up, but that is as far as it's going to go for the time being, sorry to be the bearer of this news to those who will be disappointed by it, but there are no plans to develop VR for Odyssey further than it's current state, however we will be making some fixes and changes (DSS improvement), but that is the state of VR for Odyssey"

- Bruce

This is deeply troubling to many members of the Elite VR community, and I would like to raise the question as to whether or not the Oculus store should continue to host and sell a game that will NOT support VR in its future iterations.


Level 16

It is now uninstalled on my rig and Frontier will not see another dime from me.

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Level 2

A ludicrous business decision given the percentage of the VR community who play it and constantly recommend it.