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Sorry for this stupid question but this would be my first VR headset purchase.

I'm looking at buying the Quest 2 and noticed some of the games I'm interested in list the Rift as a compatible headset but not the Quest 2 and was wondering if this means I couldn't play them on the Quest 2 or if there is a way to make them compatible.


Level 9

If you're referring to Steam games, then yes a Quest 2 should work for them when using it for Oculus Link.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 2

Cool,thank you!

Level 9

As an additional option if you don't want to be tied to your PC via a usb cable, Virtual Desktop now officially lets you stream your Steam and Rift games to the quest 2 completely cord free. You were able to do so before as well, but it required you to sideload an official unofficial patch. That was because the developer was told by Oculus to disable that feature or Virtual Desktop couldn't be put in the Quest's app store. Recently Facebook/Oculus has reversed that decision, so the official release once more has the full functionality.


Actually, since I own a bluetooth keyboard and mouse I'm considering getting rid of my computer monitor and making Virtual Desktop my only desktop. That's mostly because the only place I can plug in my modem and router are a good 10 feet away from where my computer is set up. And while I could set up the computer near the router, that's also my roomscale VR play space. Thus when I do so I keep having to move the monitor, keyboard, and mouse then take down the card table. Only to set it all back up again when done with VR.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

I think people answering you are skipping some "basic" concept that you need to understand what you are buying. "Basic" as in basic for VR enthusiast but not for everyone:D. Our community tends to forget that not everyone interrested in VR as been following it's evolution for years.


Let me explain it to you just in case.


There are 2 types of VR games. PC VR, and mobile ( Quest ) games.


PC VR games are run by your computer. In that case, it's your computer that handle all the computing, and your headset basically only act as substitute for screen and controllers. To do that, you need a computer powerfull enough to run the games, and a fast connection between the PC and the headset. For now, that connection can only be provided by a USB cable between the headset and the computer, or by wifi via third party solution. And Facebook is planning on supporting wifi connection pretty soon.


Games that do not list Quest as compatible are of that kind.

The quest is capable of acting as a PCVR headset, but in that case it's more the computer that count.


Second, you have the quest games. Those games are not just displayed in the headset, but also runs on it internal hardware. So you don't need any cable or even a computer at all to play them. But as the hardware in the Quest 2 is not nearly as powerfull as a gaming PC, it will often be simpler games, with less complex graphics and interractions.


Some game list both rift and quest as supported, because the game exists in 2 versions. One made to run on the PC, the other on the headset alone. Sometime buying any version ( Rift or quest ) automatically allow you to download the other one. It's called cross buy.

But don't get it wrong, technically it's always 2 separate games. Sometimes almost identical when you play them, but technically separate


So if you followed me, you know understand that :

- Rift can only play "Rift" games. And it needs a PC to run them.

- If you link a Quest 2 to a PC, it can act as a rift, and let you play those games. But it needs the PC just as the Rift.

- Quest games run ONLY on Quest, and don't require a PC at all.

- Games supporting both headset actually means that the game has 2 versions.


Hope this clarify thing and helps you ( and maybe others ) understand exactly what you are buying.