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Goaltender VR

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Since we dont have own forums similiar to Steam store page forums, I thought to start one here.

Goaltender VR released at Gallery Apps

We have finally launched at Oculus storefront!
Goaltender VR provides different customisable goaltender challenges. Train your skills using different equipments, tweak training settings to match your skill level.

Leaderboards &
- Collect all the achievements and behold the beauty of achievements banners at the training building roof.

- Compete against other players and try to beat their leaderboard scores !

Try and master all the different game modes.
- Shooting Gallery
Simple as it gets. block objects from going into goal.

- Color Block
Use left (blue) and right (red) paddle to block same colored balls.

- Target Shooting
Catch the balls with your paddle and then shoot the balls at the floating targets

Customize your training session with multiple different option settings, such as shooting interval/speed, goal size, training object and training length.


Current version is same as our latest update over Steam platform (EA #3 at Steam, EA #2 at Oculus).

EA #2 update

  • Added new game mode: Target Shooting
  • Added background music.
  • Added "Settings" menu window.
  • Added "Credits" menu window.
  • Improved GUI layout.
  • New shooting speeds.
  • New goal sizes.
  • New achievement: Target Shooting Novice
  • Removed some limitations from Color Block game mode
  • Fixed color block mode "double goal count" bug.

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Update information (EA #4)

1) Challenges
- Replaces old "Arcade Mode". "Challenge Mode" includes different game mode challenges with each own leaderboards and 3 star rating feedback.

2) Tweaks to ball/puck physics
- In short, ball/puck will interact better when colliding with your hands/equipments, more accurate to save and ball/puck will not bounce into goal if you manage to make a save.

3) Improved GUI
- We once again revisited GUI and made changes hopefully improving GUI look and feel.
- New "Round Result Screen" with 3 star rating.
- Added "Countdown" before round starts.

4) Added "Pause Game" button top of the goal, which will stop current round
- Opens menu allowing change few options and going back to menu or quit the game (exit game all together).

Level 11
Is this the game?
i7 9700k 3090 rtx   CV1, Rift-S, Index, G2

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MowTin said:

Yeah, that's our game. Older version, but same game indeed.

Level 11

CoffeeOD said:

MowTin said:

Yeah, that's our game. Older version, but same game indeed.

Maybe you should post a video of the current version. 
i7 9700k 3090 rtx   CV1, Rift-S, Index, G2