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Has Shadowmask72 made a total mess of this forum?

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Sorry but......lmao
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New threads like that vanish in the behind pages easily, and the need for (user) reviews is real, for anyone that has a budget in mind, I personally bookmarked the master thread for them he posted. Plus this forum was a mess long before he started the review threads.

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I think it's fine, and it keeps discussion of each game to one thread. Previously everybody with a question or review on a game would post a brand new topic, which is probably worse. In any case, it does look a little spammy only because so many games were done at once. Moving forward I don't think it will be an issue.
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I voted yes, but it's important to note that I consider a forum that is a total mess to be incredibly sexay.

Also, I don't think a "total mess" is the same thing as "total garbage." The forum is just the right kind of messy to get da' juices flowin, na' mean?
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Maybe we need some sub-forums within the categories?

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I voted 'yes' because viewing 'Games and Apps' on most days of the week produces a long list of threads created by the same person with this long list of mostly identical profile icons running all the way down the screen. It's a mess at least in the sense of being an eyesore.The following image is from a few minutes ago.


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I actually like what Shadow72 has done here. I bought a few games I regretted, but since the poll threads I'm happy with my purchases so far.

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Ive found his rating threads rather helpful actually