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Horizon Avatar Bug

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Everything I open the game all the avatars including my own are squished and smashed into spaghetti bats. I have tried Uninstalling and re-installing but that didnt fix it. Any ideas?


Level 2

Yes. I am having the same avatar bug.  Please let me know if you find a solution. Thank..

Level 2

I’m having the same issue.. any fix yet?

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Hey there! We encourage you to report this by clicking HERE. It's how we are able to improve our apps and experiences for our users. Thanks!

...thank you for the redirect, however, what causes the aforementioned issue? and how do we fix it.

Level 2

Yep same issue, and as of today still no fix. 

Level 2

Well everyone,, I upgraded my graphics card to a 3060ti and now it’s working perfectly 

Level 3

well i have both a rift s and a quest 2.  buying a new video card is out of the question. i have an amd rx 6900xt

and i have this issue

Hey there! Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. If you're encountering any bugs or issues, they can be reported from your headset by following the instructions listed here. Since we're talking about Horizon Avatars in particular, you're able to report those oddities here as well.


As far as possible solutions are concerned, here's a few things to try before filling out a bug report.


  • Refresh your WiFi network/Internet connection
  • Restart your mobile device (If playing wirelessly on Quest 2)
  • Restart your Quest 2
  • Restart your PC (If playing on Rift or Link)


Feel free to reach out to Meta Store Support if you have any more questions or still need a hand. They can be reached by email or chat here, and are always happy to assist in any way possible!