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Horizon World Australia release date?

Level 2

Does anyone know if and or when they will release Horizon Worlds to Australia ?

Keen to get involved 🙂


Level 3

Yes! Meta Please Add some Beta testers for Australia!!!

Level 2

Agreed - I think its about time that the gifted creator from Australia gain access, especially during the early days. 😫


Feeling left out of the crucial development stage and I want to create content.🤠



Level 2

Ready when you are Meta!

Our goal is to have everyone to have access to Horizon Worlds! We have yet to have a release date for Australia, but we would advise you to keep up with our Oculus blog for all updates regarding all things Oculus.

Any update guys ?? Its been a few months now

Level 2

Yeah this is just getting annoying now. We obviously aren't getting it in Australia but "oculus" is too scared to just say it. 

"Long live the USA and screw the rest of the world" has always been their attitude.. and looking like it always will be. 


At this point I have given up on them. Only ever use the oculus for bigscreen but certainly haven't been buying anything through their store. 


(They take 50% of the content creators revenue.. like they don't make enough money out of us all already