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Horizon World. Un-able to install (Oculus Quest 2)

Level 2

I’m trying to install Horizon World but it says  “coming soon”. My buddy has it but I can’t download it? Can you please help? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Ayyoo_Chill, thanks for reaching out. We see you are having an issue with not being able to download Horizon Worlds. We can certainly assist you with that.


Please answer the following questions so that we can solve this together!


-Are you a resident of the United States or Canada?

-Is your account verified and are you over the age of 18?

-Do you have a phone number connected to your account?


All of these are requirements for your account to gain access to Horizon Worlds. If you are still experiencing issues after confirming that these 3 things are true, please back out to us so that we can further assist you.